Sunday 7 June 2020

Alaskan Glacier calving Columbia with Epic 200 foot high “shooter” and V...

There is science in natural phenomena.
The rising ice is caused by the change in density.

We all know that ice floats in fresh water because the ice is less dense than water.

We also know that sea water is more dense than fresh water.

Water in glacier is fresh water and therefore we see icebergs floating in the most northern and southern parts of the oceans. The video is probably taken in Alaska.

As the glacier glides down the valley (hill) and meets the ocean water, it floats. 

When part of the large  chunks snapped off, the remaining part of the ice berg is momentarily lighter, lighter than before the snap. 

The remaining part of the iceberg still standing suddenly rises (shoots up) due to the SUDDEN DECREASE in weight (mass). In other words, the remaining part is momentarily even less dense than before the snap. It floats even higher, just for a brief moment for us to be amazed.


The remaining iceberg quickly falls and maintain a steady float which we still can see above the sea water.

Remember the sinking of the Titanic? The iceberg is less dense than sea water. As the iceberg floats, most of its mass is below the sea level.

Hope this provides the answer.


There is science in natures' phenomena revealing the power and wonder embedded in the world.  Over time men and women learn and apply what they have learnt and treasured....SCIENCE.  Science reveals the insidious facts and truth proving the existence of GOD


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