Monday 14 January 2019

Desktop blogging in leisure hour

Morning tea and dim sum with Julie at My Wonderful Kitchen Richmond Hill.  She shot the picture while I was enjoying my cup of green tea.   Excellent price there.  All dim sum at $3.50 for large, medium and small .  The restaurant provides wi-fi there but  I did not do any mobile blogging  there.  You know,  it is time for enjoying the good tea and delicious dim sum.

米芝蓮 My Wonderful Kitchen
350 Highway 7 East #101, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3N2
(905) 889-1088

Any way, I did the desktop blogging later at home in the afternoon after playing ping pong. With my cellphone I sent a picture to my desktop computer via email.  Then from that email  download that specific  photo to the computer harddrive. Then I upload it to this post with Blogger sharing the picture and content with all readers and visitors.  

By the way, we can do blogging while travelling.  That is mobile blogging.

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