Thursday 17 January 2019

Best Blogging Ideas for Beginners

              It IS DAY 6 ... a Busy Day    

In the morning, I went alone to Langstaff Community Centre and played  3 hours of ping  pong.  Usually, I joined the group lunch together with the ping pong friends.  I did not join them.  I did some dumplingss cooking at home and that was my quick lunch.  I have an appointment with the garage technician at 2:00 pm for the car battery replacement.  It was not too far away from my home just about 15 minutes of drive.  According to the technician,  my battery is aging so much and it is in the bottom line condition.  The replace was super fast.  I thought it was about 10 minutes at the most.  The cost is C$180.  

I returned home and made a phone call to my daughter telling her I have an appointment at 3:30 p.m. related to her apartment   A lady who is a close relative of the tenant wanted to go to the tenant apartment.  She was supposed to water the tenant 's flowers in the apartment while he was out of the country.   My daughter advised me to leave the matter to her and she would handle it herself.    My daughter did not want me to attend the meeting. 

I stayed home busy doing blogging updates for my RHTTC eMagazine and some internet searching for some nice blogging ideas for this blog you are ready now.  And I came across this video "Best Blogging Ideas for Beginners"   It is good and it may be the best blogging ideas. . .     

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